Farnam Comfort Zone On the Go Calming Cat Collar

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Is your cat peeing on the bed and carpet or scratching the furniture and door frames? These behaviors can be signs that your cat is stressed. Comfort Zone Calming Collars for cats releases calming pheromones as your cat wears the collar helping to provide 24/7 on-the-go calming to make your cat feel calm and comfortable. Use the Comfort Zone Calming Collar if you see your cat peeing outside the litter box or scratching objects around the home.

  • Use for urine marking, destructive scratching, travel and vet visits
  • Collar is flexible and adjustable to suit your cats neck size
  • This collar offers a BreakAway feature to ensure your cat doesn't become entangled
  • Great for newly adopted cats
  • Replace the collar every 30 days for continuous calming

Fit collar snugly around your cats neck ensuring no more than two fingers width between the cats neck and the collar. Snap the collar into place. The collar easily releases should your cat become entangled.