CaribSea Coco Soft Coarse Chip Reptile Bedding

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Blue Iguana Coco Soft Coarse Chip is your best value. Coco Soft Coarse Chip smells fresh up to 3 times longer than other reptile bedding by eliminating odors naturally, not simply masking them with perfumes or aromatic oils.

  • Uniquely soft reptile chip bedding
  • Coco soft bedding resists mold, mildew and bacteria naturally
  • Ideal for Pythons, Boas, Red Footed Tortoises, Garter Snakes, Hornes Frogs, Corn Snakes, Skinks, Tree Frogs, Most Geckos and more

Coco Soft Coarse Chip is a living substrate that functions like a forest floor ecosystem with more than 20 times the biological activity of other brands.

Coco Soft Coarse Chip begins with fresh 100% organically grown coconut husk, never fermented in saline water. This creates a uniquely soft material pre-colonized with natural beneficial bacteria that crowd out opportunistic diseases. In fact Coco Soft Coarse Chip has been demonstrated in a major university study to reduce the growth of pathogenic fungi by up to 77%! These same microorganisms quickly reduce organic waste, keeping the enclosure cleaner and smelling fresh even on a heavy feeding schedule. A cleaner cage means a healthier pet.

Different from the start. Coco Soft Coarse Chip utilizes an exclusive process to create a pillow soft surface of interlocking fibers so that your reptile lives on the substrate, not in it. Look at Coco Soft Coarse Chip under magnification and you will see a spongy sheath covering the fibers. This is natures ideal platform for the growth of healthy, waste reducing microorganisms that keep an enclosure fresher between changing. In contrast, other coconut substrates can come from the Far East where the material is diverted from the coconut fiber industry. The processing of coconut husk into fiber begins with the soaking and fermenting of the husk in saline ponds. This stiffens the fibers and removes the soft, spongy material in between. The process creates a more “prickly" coconut base and the saline pond fermentation imparts an acidity and added salt content that may not be tolerated by sensitive skinned animals such as amphibians. In contrast, Coco Soft Coarse Chip contains no added salt, and is pH neutral.

Coco Soft Coarse Chip is the ideal substrate for most medium to large terrestrial snakes, medium to large lizards, and tortoises. Using Coco Soft Coarse Chip in a depth at least equal to the snakes body diameter allows a substrate depth deep enough for the animal to move through the substrate. This creates resistance to the snakes body and helps build muscle mass, which in turn leads to healthier animals and larger clutch sizes. All Coco Soft products can also be safely composted and recycled when you are finished with them in your enclosures!